Book Review for The Cheerleaders By Kara Thomas

Release Date: July 31, 2018

Kara Thomas impressed me with her teen mystery The Cheerleaders. Do I think there was some  shoddy police work at play? Yes. Could I put the book down? No. If you were a fan of Veronica Mars, this is a book to read.

It's been five years since five cheerleaders died tragically. Two died in a horrific car crash. Two died in a shocking murder. One allegedly killed herself. Monica still struggles with her sister's suicide. Jen just wasn't the type. When she finds her sister's cell phone hidden in her stepdad's desk drawer, along with yearly notes telling him to connect the dots, she's convinced there is more to the five deaths than police suspected.

Monica starts with the last number her sister called. It puts her in touch with a mystery person telling her not to trust her stepdad. Wanting to know the truth, Monica starts going back to the people in Jen's life and asking questions. They're questions not everyone wants to answer, but Monica is determined to learn the truth about her sister's alleged suicide and the other girls' deaths.

The story had me hooked. Even as potential suspects were revealed, I was still quite involved trying to figure it all out. It can be a dark story at times, but the case and characters have you involved. Are people lying? Are secrets still being hidden five years later? As Monica and her new friend work through the facts of the case through old newspaper stories and interviews, it becomes clear that this isn't an easy case to solve.

I ended up making this a one-sitting book. I didn't want to stop until I knew. It was that good.


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