Bring Me Back by B. A. Paris

Release Date: June 19, 2018

B. A. Paris is back with another excellent suspense/mystery. Bring Me Back kept me guessing and doubting myself.

On the return from a ski trip, Finn and his girlfriend Layla stop for a bathroom break. Finn is startled when he returns from the men's room to find Layla missing. She's nowhere to be found. What police don't know is that he didn't tell them the entire story.

Years have passed. Layla's never returned. Finn is now engaged to her sister, Ellen. Layla's disappearance drew them together. It's all about to go horribly wrong.

It starts with a phone call from one of the detectives Finn knows. One of Finn and Layla's former neighbors are certain he saw Layla. Before Finn and Ellen know what's happening, additional clues that Layla's alive are popping up.

Items from Ellen and Layla's childhood are popping up everywhere. Finn's getting emails that raise suspicions. Finn doesn't know who to trust. One thing is certain, he needs to get to the bottom of things if he wants to keep Ellen.

Here's the thing with Bring Me Back, it's so hard to guess what's going on. I thought I had solved the mystery, but one more chapter in and I'd question my deduction. I'd read another chapter and think I had it again, only to find myself thinking I was wrong again. I've never had a book take me on such a twisted journey. In the end, my initial gut feeling was right, and I really loved the journey the author took me on.

I could see this being a stunning movie. I kind of hope someone does pick it up. I'd love to see it play out on the big screen.


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