All That's Left of Me by Janis Thomas

Release Date - June 12, 2018

If you knew that your wish would come true, what would you wish for? Emma Davies is tired. Caring for a son with cerebral palsy is already tiring, but a full-time job on top of it is hard to take. Her husband is working on his book, so his income is minimal. It's her job that keeps them afloat. The last thing she needs is to hear her neighbor's dog bark at all hours. She wishes the dog away and is stunned to find the dog missing the next day.

Soon, Emma realizes anything she wishes for will come true. She can wish away her daughter's obnoxious boyfriend. She can wish away her boss, a man whose picture should be paired with the definition of sexual harassment, and anything else she wants.

Emma may have the power to change her life, but those changes may come at a cost. As she continues making changes, what is she giving up?

How many times have you thought it would be nice to make all your troubles go away? That's the heart of All That's Left of Me. I wasn't sure what I'd think at first. I loved the premise, but I was struggling with the characters.

The introduction to Emma's boss left me feeling so cold and disgusted. Part of me didn't like her wish in regards to him. I thought it was too easy. I feared the rest of the book would make me feel that it was just too easy. Thankfully, that never happened. As she made her choices, I often agreed and, like her, never thought of the effect that her wishes would have in the long run.

This isn't my usual read, but it was a very satisfying one. It's a great read for a lazy summer day when you just want to be taken away for a few hours.


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