The Good Twin by Marti Green

Release Date: May 15, 2018

Twin sisters separated at birth. One grew up in a life of privilege. One grew up in poverty. A chilling request could change the poverty-stricken sister's life.

Mallory Holcolm grew up in poverty with her mother. She currently makes ends meet by waitressing and living in a boardinghouse, but she's never enjoyed that struggle. When she learns she has a twin sister named Charly, she's stunned.

While Mallory has struggled to keep food on the table and a roof over her head, Charly's had it very easy and doesn't appreciate all she has. Her husband, Ben, is tired of Charly and her ability to keep him from doing what he wants. When Mallory meets Ben, he offers her everything she could dream of. All she has to do is study Charly and be ready to step into Charly's world. Ben will take care of everything else.

When everything starts to play out, Mallory has her own ideas. She could easily turn the tables and change Ben's game in a heartbeat. If she does, what happens then?

The Good Twin leaves me a little confused. Ben's a jerk. That's clear from the start. Mallory is supposedly a nice person, but the decisions she makes baffled me. It seemed very out of character. Charly is the only character I truly liked and even that changed as the story progressed.

The story starts from Mallory's point of view. It switches to Charly's and eventually winds up back with Mallory. You get to see things from all angles. The story moves swiftly, but I kept coming back to how out of character it was for Mallory to agree to Ben's plan.

In the end, I never liked the characters enough to really enjoy the ending. They were all people I simply cannot like.


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