The Case of the Desperate Doctor by Jacqueline Diamond

Release Date: May 15, 2018

Dr. Eric Darcy returns and this time the case is very personal. When an obstetrician he knows is found dead, he finds himself drawn, almost unwillingly, into the case by his nemesis, Dr. Jeremiah Schwartz. Eric is tired of this doctor copying everything he does until he learns a mental health issue causes the doctor to emulate him. With a new perspective, he can't help but get involved in the supposed suicide of Dr. Alison Abrams.

Dr. Abrams car is found outside the home of a radio talk show host/psychologist that Eric's never liked. When he learns his late wife had seen Dr. Abrams before she died, he's stunned. Something seems off about two women dying in such a short time. That one of them was his wife is most concerning. Eric dives in to uncover the truth about why his wife was seeing this doctor and what it all means.

The Case of the Desperate Doctor is the third book in the Safe Harbor Medical Mystery Series. I found myself hooked for a reason that others may not get. My husband and I have been binge watching a TV show called Royal Pains. In that show, one of the doctors that joins the concierge medical team after a few seasons is very much like Dr. Jeremiah Schwartz. I really liked this Jeremiah for that reason.

The mystery progresses at a swift speed and keeps you engaged with likable characters. If you're looking for a cozy mystery for the beach or a rainy day inside, I definitely recommend The Case of the Desperate Doctor.


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