Wedding Cake Crumble by Jenn McKinlay

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Berkley
Author: Jenn McKinlay
Release Date: April 3, 2018

I fell in love with culinary mysteries while pregnant with my daughter. I picked up a Diane Mott Davidson novel at my parents' house and was hooked. I'd soon caught up with that series and moved to authors like Joanne Fluke.

Wedding Cake Crumble is a culinary mystery with some fantastic recipes included at the back of the book. I've tucked them away to use when I make the cupcakes for my son's wedding this summer. The bourbon cupcakes are one that really interests me.

Mel Cooper and her bakery are busy preparing for different events. Most importantly is Mel's best friend and business partner's upcoming wedding. Angie and Tate are days from their big day and hope everything goes perfectly.

Things take a turn south when the people hired to work on their wedding start turning up dead. Their photographer and limo driver are just the beginning. Angie's beside herself, but they're given a last-minute job for a book signing. The caterer for that event is also dead. Mel and Angie need to get to the bottom of another crime. Why is someone killing of people who are all tied to Angie's wedding?

This is the 10th book in the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series. I haven't read any of the previous novels. It became clear that to form a bond with the characters, I really should have. The book does stand alone, but I didn't find myself really connecting with anyone.

I liked the story. It takes a few spins and keeps you guessing as to who the killer is. I also liked seeing Mel and Joe together. I loved their chemistry.

In the end, Wedding Cake Crumble made me wish I'd read the books in order. As I get time, that's my goal.


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