The Baby Switch by Melissa Senate

Setting: Wyoming
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition
Release Date: April 1, 2018

Six months ago, Liam Mercer learned a past girlfriend was expecting his child. When she died in childbirth, he became a single dad in a hurry. It's a role he's cherished. Meanwhile, Shelby Ingalls has been a single mom when her baby's father left her for another woman. She dotes on her young son.

The pair winds up being closer than imagined. On that fateful night, a storm knocked the power out as a tree fell on a hospital wing. In the resulting chaos, a nurse accidentally put the wrong bracelet on each newborn boy. The boy Liam loves is Shelby's son, and it's vice versa for Shelby. 

Both want to be an active part in their natural child's life, but they can't give up the child they've raised for six months. Liam comes up with what seems like the perfect solution. They'll marry, adopt the children, and raise them as a family. It's a marriage of convenience with no passion needed, but they soon realize they're in over their heads.

The Baby Switch kicks off the Wyoming Multiplies series. It was a great start to a series that's set in a charming town with characters I wouldn't mind meeting in real life. I am a sucker for the single dad, and Liam was one of the best. His fierce devotion to his son was clear. The same is true of Shelby. She adores her son, but the maternal pull to her blood is equally apparent.

It's clear where things will end up from the start. That's okay. What's more gripping is the ties between Liam and his dad. There's a secondary plot with them that had me reading. I sat down and had to read the book in one sitting. It was that satisfying.


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