Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

Setting: California
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books
Author: Christina Lauren
Release Date: April 10, 2018

I never expected Love and Other Words to be a tearjerker that would leave me scrambling for Kleenex. Sure enough, this book is a very emotional, touching, amazing read that I kind of wish had never come to an end. I wouldn't have minded spending more time with several of the characters.

Eleven years ago, events led Macy Sorensen to walk away from the boy she'd come to love. In that time, she's become a doctor. Her days in pediatrics keep her extremely busy. She's happy, but she's never truly forgotten Elliot Petropolous.

She and Elliot were best friends for years. Elliot's the reason Macy was able to finally move on following her mother's death. He's also the first boy to break her heart.

The unbelievable happens one day when she's in a coffee shop with her best friend. She spies Elliot in the same shop. Before she knows it, he's spotted her, too. Their 11-year silence comes to an end in a hurry that leaves Macy feeling vulnerable, hopeful, and maybe even over-the-moon happy for the first time in a long time.

For anything to happen, however, Macy and Elliot need to discuss the past and decide if there is a place for Elliot to be in Macy's present or future.

Love and Other Words is told in the present day and back in the years when Macy's mom died and she met Elliot. As they meet and spend time together, you see the relationship grow and you watch both of them turn from children into young adults. I loved having their history played out slowly but steadily.

As things are revealed, I did find myself tearing up. Suddenly, things made sense. Up until the big revelation, I'd gotten it all wrong. I completely got Macy at that point and didn't want her story to end. I loved it and am so glad I read their story. It was perfect.


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