Hot Mess by Emily Belden

Setting: Chicago
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Graydon House
Author: Emily Belden
Release Date: March 20, 2018

At 25, Allie Simon is on a hot track to a promotion. She has a chef boyfriend who is the talk of the town. Together, they're a power couple that's on the rise. When Benji talks her into fronting the money to helping him become part owner in a restaurant in Chicago's prime restaurant zone, she panics. After all, $30,000 is just about her life savings. She also knows he's a killer in the kitchen, so she agrees. Just in time for him to fall off the wagon and disappear.

Allie has about $1,000 to her name. The only way out of this is to have the new restaurant prove to be a success. It means quitting her job and diving into a world that she knows little about. With the help of the other partners, the goal is to make this restaurant work without Benji. Worse, they only have about a month to make this happen.

There's nothing messy or unfinished in Hot Mess. The story sucked me in and had me rooting for everyone other than the loathsome Benji. My heart broke for Allie as she learned that he was no good the hard way. I cheered them on as they struggled to get the restaurant open on time. My mouth watered as I read some of the food descriptions. This book held my attention and left me feeling very satisfied.

It's not quite a romance, but it's also not really women's fiction. It's simply a very good story at the power to overcome obstacles. I loved it.


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