The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz

Setting: Coastal Oregon
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Publisher: MIRA
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Release Date: February 13, 2018

Thirteen years ago, Allison went to live with Dr. Vincent Capello in his expansive oceanfront home known as "the Dragon." Her time in this home came to an end when she was found unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. She's spent more than a decade convinced that someone tried to kill her.

Allison finds herself drawn back to the house when she learns Dr. Capello is dying. His son Roland, Allison's foster brother, hopes she'll return. As her long-time lover has gotten another woman pregnant and is leaving Allison, she sees this as a chance to start anew.

In Oregon, Allison finds her attraction to Roland Capello has no faded. With Roland's help, Allison decides to uncover the truth. She wants to know what happened the night she was forced to leave. That means diving into things that she never knew about herself and the people who became the closest thing to family she ever had.

There's a bit of a gothic feel to The Lucky Ones. The house is detailed throughout the narrative. I could imagine the glimmering green scales and towering peaks. The characters are mysteries. You know what's going on with Allison, but her foster siblings are enigmas. It's hard to tell if they should be creeping you out or making you cheer. These are four remaining foster kids who've grown up with completely different views on what happened and lifestyles after. 

While there are romantic aspects, a lot of this book is a mystery/suspense. You want to know what happened to Allison so many years ago. When it finally comes out, I actually wasn't surprised. I had a feeling that's where things were going. It's not exactly predictable, but it wasn't a huge twist ending for me either.

This was a solid read in a setting I love. I found myself rooting for Allison and hoping I might be able to catch up with her in the future.


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