The French Girl by Lexie Elliott

Setting: England/France
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Publisher: Berkley
Author: Lexie Elliott
Release Date: February 20, 2018

Years ago, six Oxford college mates headed to the French countryside to spend time together. There, they met Severine, a local girl. Years later, the friends are drawn together again. Severine's body has been found in a well. Police aren't sure who killed her and put her there, but since these college friends were the last to see her alive, they're all suspects.

Kate has worked hard to put the past behind her. She never trusted Severine, and events from that holiday together changed friendships forever. She's already struggling to keep her company afloat. The last thing she needs is to become a suspect in a decade-old murder case, especially one where the French girl haunts her at every turn.

I wanted to get lured into The French Girl, but this book was a miss for me. I figured out the killer far too early. Once that was apparent, I lost interest in the rest of the story. I didn't like a lot of the characters, and Kate's dwelling on past loves grew tiring. I also found the story moved slowly in spots and just didn't hold my interest.


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