When the Stars Come Out by Laura Trentham

Setting: Cottonbloom, Mississippi and Louisiana
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Author: Laura Trentham
Release Date: January 30, 2018

When the Stars Come Out is the fifth book in Laura Trentham's "A Cottonbloom Novel" series. I haven't read any of that series until now. This book stands alone, so you don't have to worry if you've missed the other books.

Willa Brown ran from a troubled past. She's appreciated the job she was given with the Abbott family. Fixing cars comes naturally to Willa, and the under-the-table pay has been essential to keeping her past from finding her. Even if that means ignoring the feelings she's had for Jackson Abbott.

When one of the Abbott brothers decides he wants to sell his share, Willa's safety may be at risk. The brothers want her to cough up her SSN with the start of a new year. Doing so could put her and those she loves at risk. She's just not sure she wants to reveal the truth and potentially put the man she's falling in love with in danger.

Willa and Jackson's relationship builds slowly. There's a bit of focus on the work they do together at the garage. I liked that it was broken up by Willa's past, her developing friendship with Sutton (Leave the Light On), and the stray Willa finds. When her secrets are revealed, I did feel they were a little disappointing and could have been navigated without running away, but I'd have to go back in time and see the exact situation to see why she was so fearful. Plus, running away is what put her in Jackson's life, so there is that.

When the Stars Come Out  does work well as a stand-alone novel, but I do wish I'd read the other stories just to see how those couples got together. I find myself excited for the next release - Mack Abbott's story. I am dying to see how he and their new business partner get along.


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