The Promise Between Us by Barbara Claypole White

Setting: North Carolina
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Author: Barbara Claypole White
Release Date: January 16, 2018

New mom Katie Mack is plagued by constant fears that she's going to harm her daughter. The fears get worse with every passing day. Things culminate and Katie flees. She feels her daughter is safer without her.

Almost a decade passes. Katie is now a talented metal artist. She never expects a school presentation to bring her daughter back into her life. Worse, she sees things in her daughter that mean trouble. She believes her daughter also has the same mental illness that runs in Katie's family.

Katie swore she'd stay out of her daughter's life. She also knows she's in the best position to help her daughter adjust to all the changes that are about to enter her life. Can Katie save her daughter before it's too late?

There were times when I wanted to pace of The Promise Between Us to speed up a little. I was intrigued by Katie Mack. I felt for her daughter. I even felt for Katie's ex-husband and new wife. I liked all of the characters and wanted to see things turn out well.

The story also taught me a bit about OCD. I have OCD. In my case, it tends to be more of a washing hands repeatedly deal. I also need things to go a specific way (I don't do well with the unexpected). I never thought of the other ways OCD can manifest. For that reason, it ended up being a bit educational too.

This is a touching story where you want things to turn out. I liked that the author handled the story realistically. Not everything goes as the characters expect. The twists kept me hooked. It's a solid women's fiction that I would read again.


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