Here We Lie by Paula Treick DeBoard

Setting: East Coast
Genre: Women's Fiction/Mystery
Publisher: Park Row
Release Date: January 30, 2018

Megan Mazeros dreams of going to college and getting out of her small Kansas town. Her father's illness keeps her from achieving those dreams. That is until mesothelioma ends his life and she and her mother learn he'd taken out a large life insurance policy when he suspected he was sick. With the money in hand, Megan heads off to Connecticut where she starts her journey in a private women's college.

As the daughter of an esteemed senator, Lauren Mabrey seems unable to do anything right. She's involved in a relationship with a bad boy that goes wrong. After that, her mom has her sent off to a private woman's college in hopes that Lauren will straighten up. It's there that Lauren discovers a passion for photography, something her mom does not approve of.

Surprisingly, Lauren and Megan hit it off and become close friends. On one summer break, Lauren invites Megan to join the family at their remote island home off the coast of Maine. It's there that horrific circumstances tear the young women apart forever. Many years will pass before Megan decides to speak up and reveal the things she never told Lauren or others.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Here We Lie features two girls with very different upbringings. Despite that, both have a certain naivety that made me feel for them. Lauren's been brought up in a prominent family where every action is scrutinized. Later, I found myself really just hating her parents. Read the book and you'll get why.

Megan's situation is completely different. She's been hurt, hurt others, and is haunted by some of her actions. She was hard not to like, even when you knew she was making poor choices for the right reasons.

With such strong heroines leading the story, I did want to get to the point where all of the story comes together. It starts in the present, goes back into the past, and bounces back and forth from there. Don't let the shifts throw you off, keep reading and you'll get how it all ties together.

RTR's Bottom Line

I've read another Paula Treick DeBoard novels and both have grabbed my attention and held me riveted to every page. The secret in Here We Lie wasn't too difficult to guess, though I had one part of it wrong. Even knowing what was going to happen, I was still hooked. If you're looking for a women's fiction that has a touch of mystery, this book is a good choice.


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