Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist

Setting: Kansas
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: Little Brown Books
Release Date: January 2017

Born without sight, Will Porter is about to take a major step. He's been in a school for blind children for years, but he's entering a public high school. He's 16 and is well prepared, but his first day kicks off with him accidentally grabbing a fellow student's breast and sitting on another student's lap during lunch.

Will's not one to give up. Soon he's making friends. What he never expects is to become enamored with a classmate. Cecily is everything to Will. When he's given the chance to undergo an experimental procedure that might allow him to see for the first time, will he take it? The thought of seeing the world and Cecily for the first time is almost too good to be true.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strongest aspects of Love and First Sight comes from Will's narrative. He paints a vivid picture of life as a blind person. He doesn't limit himself, and he's always willing to take a giant step to try something new. This made me love the scene where Cecily explains a painting to him. He has no concept of depth perception, so she has to break it down to a point where he can understand it.

I really enjoyed both characters. They go through a lot, and some of it involves details the reader isn't privy to until they're revealed. I liked the element of surprise.

RTR's Bottom Line

Will's story hooked me from the start. I'm not familiar with the all of the struggles of the blind, but I know enough to know that many of the things Will said are true. Blind people do not like being grabbed and led. They like to reach and hold you and then be guided. I remember one of my teen's classmates making that clear to his fellow students.

Seeing Will be refreshingly honest with those around him was a treat. Seeing his classmates not treating him like dirt was better. I found myself really liking the kids, the setting, and the story. It was a solid fictional win.

Love and First Sight is already out in hardcover. It comes out in paperback form in January 2018.


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