If My Moon Was Your Sun by Andreas Steinhofel, Nele Palmtag, Georges Bizet, and Sergei Prokofiev

Genre: Children's Book
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Release Date: November 1, 2017

Ten-year-old Max is not happy that his grandfather's been moved into an assisted living community. His grandfather has dementia, and Max has big plans. He sneaks his grandfather out of the community to take him on an adventure. However, Max has his hands full when a former school teacher sneaks out with them. The trio head off to the grassy field where Max's grandfather proposed to his grandmother for a day they'll never forget.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The book is easy enough for a middle reader to handle. Plus, there are illustrations that add to the touching story.

The one thing I can't review is the audio CD that comes with the book. The free copy I received via Netgalley was only the book. I imagine that the music would be an absolutely enjoyable addition to the emotional story of one boy's love for his grandfather.

RTR's Bottom Line

If My Moon Was Your Sun is a good way to delve into the talk about a grandparent's memory loss. My own kids are young adults, so they understand my mom's symptoms with Alzheimer's. If they were younger, I'd love having a book like this to help me out!


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