Begin Again by Mona Kasten

Setting: Oregon
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Bastei Entertainment
Release Date: November 14, 2017

It's worth mentioning that Begin Again is the translated release of a German new adult novel.

Allie packed up and fled her parents' house. She's gone to Oregon where she'll attend college and forget the events that made her leave. While hunting for an apartment, she ends up meeting Kaden. He's a grump who sets immediate rules involving her never getting emotional around him, never ending up in bed together, and not complaining when he brings home his latest one-night stand.

The apartment is perfect, so Allie's more than happy to move in and completely ignore him. Problems occur when Kaden makes it clear he doesn't have to follow the rules he set for her. He starts asking questions and a bond forms. Kaden's very complex and passions may be impossible to ignore.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Kaden comes off as a jerk from the start. Allie has more mood swings than I do, and that says a lot. She's hiding something, as is he, and it takes a while to figure out what. When their secrets are revealed, Allie I could understand a bit. Kaden still came off as a jerk to me. I never fully embraced his character's bad boy attitude.

There are aspects of the story that bugged me. Allie mentions she's never eaten pizza. I find that impossible to believe of any teen that attended elementary, middle, or high school, but I'll move on. When she has pizza, she's amazed and almost orgasmic over the experience. That's out of the way, I thought, expect it's brought up more. She never had eaten pizza and OMG how weird. I grew sick of that.

RTR's Bottom Line

I never loved the characters in Begin Again. Both had a lot of growing up to do, but they were college age, so maybe I'm just lucky with two kids who aren't as emotional and moody as these two characters. As Allie's secret is revealed, she started to make more sense. I did feel compelled to read the whole story, so there's that. Otherwise, it was simply okay but nothing I felt I needed to read again and again.


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