The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant

Setting: Texas
Genre: Holiday Romance
Publisher: St. Martins Paperbacks
Release Date: October 31, 2017

Every day is a bit of a struggle for Abby Harper. Her mom walked on her and her two younger brothers when she was just 18. All she left were papers handing over guardianship to Abby. Fresh out of high school, Abby became an instant single mom in a matter of hours.

When she gets a call that one of her brothers has been arrested for stealing cattle from the powerful East family, Abby is devastated. She does her best to offer to repay the loss of their cattle, but she doesn't have the hundreds of thousands that are needed. What Clayton offers instead may be the one thing she needs to turn her family's lives around.

Clayton East is a former SEAL who's seen way too much death. He never wanted to return to the family ranch, but he can't ignore his mother's cries. His dad's had a mini-stroke and the ranch is in financial ruin. He returns home to get everything resolved before he leaves.

When Clayton learns of Abby's situation, he strikes a deal with her brother. Her brother will come to the ranch after school and on weekends to work off the amount of money that they lost. He soon finds himself falling for Abby and her brothers. The cowboy that never wanted to return home may have found the best reason to stay.

Strengths and Weaknesses

You have a few things going on in The Christmas Cowboy Hero (Heart of Texas). There's the mystery behind the cattle thefts, the missing money, and Clayton's brother's death. More importantly, there's the romance between Abby and Clayton and her determination to be the best possible mother to her younger brothers. The family ties in this book create many emotional scenes.

While there is a bit going on, nothing feels rushed. The story flowed smoothly from start to finish and had me reading well into the night.

RTR's Bottom Line

The Christmas Cowboy Hero (Heart of Texas) is an emotional, heated romance that had me hooked. I felt for Abby and loved the chemistry between the pair. While it's a holiday romance, Christmas did take backstage to the mystery involving the cattle theft. The mystery is there, but it also never overshadows the romance.

Pick this one up if you want a heated romance that leaves you feeling warm and cozy. It's a great romance for any time of the year.


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