A Christmas Affair by Jodi Thomas

Setting: Texas
Genre: A Holiday Romance Novella
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: October 1, 2017

After an accident left her blind, Maria's turned her skills as a chef into a thriving jam/jelly making business. She's decided she's had enough of waiting and makes her move. She wants Wes, the local shop owner, to treat her to a Christmas affair. No strings attached, just a sizzling holiday affair.

Wes is shocked and pleased when Maria confronts him. There's one problem. He's in love with her, and a holiday fling is not enough. He wants to make things between them last forever.

Young Travis is moving into town to be cared for by three elderly uncles he doesn't know. He's only sticking around long enough to get his license and then he plans to leave. Could life in this small community change his mind?

Strengths and Weaknesses

I'm not really familiar with the Ransom Canyon series. I've read three from the series, but none of the characters I really remember from those books appeared in A Christmas Affair. Yancy will always been my favorite in this series.

The romance between Wes and Maria seemed so rushed. She basically kisses him in the first few pages, announces her plan, and then you're rushed to the conclusion that bounces between Wes's plans and Travis's coming of age. It lacked the depth I like with tension building up the relationship.

I loved Travis's character and felt he stole the show. The romance between Maria and Wes was less important to me than seeing Travis turn his life around. He became the "Yancy" character for me.

RTR's Bottom Line

A Christmas Affair is very short at around 90 pages. The brevity made everything very short and sweet, and there were times I wished there had been more depth, especially where Travis is involved. It's enjoyable, but not a book I'd want to buy for my keeper shelf given how short it really was.


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