Penguin Teen Releases to Watch For

Penguin Teen has a number of books coming out this fall. They sent out a teaser of five of them. I have to say, the first hooked me. Note that the brief review is based only on a couple of chapters.

A young woman can't pay her rent. To raise the cash, she hunts for people with a bounty on their heads. Why the bounty? The game Warcross is a phenomenon and people are happy to place illegal bets. She rounds them up. When she inadvertently finds herself hacking into the wrong place at the wrong time, she ends up experiencing the game from a new level.

From the publisher: Boundary-breaking fantasy. I couldn't get into it, but then I'm not a huge fantasy fan.

This one reminded me a bit of the 70s/80s teen horror When a Stranger Calls mixed with Scream.

If you need what shapes up to be a really good tearjerker, here you go.

This one I just couldn't get into, yet the cover art was so gorgeous I really wanted to.


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