Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

Setting: East Rockport, Texas
Genre: Teen Fiction
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Release Date: September 19, 2017

In East Rockport, the high school's ruled by the jocks. Vivian Carter is sick and tired of the esteemed football team getting away with everything they want. With the star jock's father serving as the principal, nothing changes. From interrupting girls in class with stupid chants of "make me a sandwich" to girls getting pulled from class for wearing "suggestive" clothes and being forced to wear baggy everything, Vivian's done.

Tapping into some of her mom's old stuff, she creates a zine where Moxie Girls Fight Back. Soon, the revolution is sweeping the school. More girls are participating in the protests and new bonds are being formed. Will this be what it takes to get a male-dominated school to wake up and realize girls have far more power than the guys believe?

Strengths and Weaknesses

I'm not sure I can find a true weakness in this book. The writing in Moxie kept me engaged. However maddening the adults were, I realize that's how it is. It's what my daughter experienced, and it's what I experienced. Girls were told to cover up while guys were perfectly fine wearing tight gym shorts, pants falling down to their knees, and suggestive t-shirts. I can see it taking a Moxie revolution to make adults take notice.

That is really this book's strength. People are going to relate to the story. You'll be able to take those fictional characters and put names from your own high school days to match them up.

RTR's Bottom Line

Part of the reason I picked up Moxie to review was that Amy Poehler gave it a rave review. She's right. It did make me snicker. I also groaned and felt hope that someone would wake up and listen to the Moxie girls. It's a fun story that deserves the attention it's getting.


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