Hope for Christmas by Stacy Finz

Setting: Nugget, California
Genre: Holiday Romance
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: October 10, 2017

While she still misses her missing daughter dearly, Emily McCreedy is happily married to Clay, enjoying being a step-mom to his two sons, and loves her newborn daughter. Christmas is quickly approaching. Emily's busy getting set up for the town's cookie swap, caring for her two-month-old, and getting holiday shopping completed.

Emily's world takes a sudden spiral when she and her ex-husband both receive letters that Hope is alive. Could their missing daughter, a girl who has been gone for seven years, really be out there?

There have been too many hoaxes over the years, so she dares not believe in another one. It leads both her and Clay to wonder how they put an end to this madness and really get on with their lives. However, this person is persistent and may finally have the answers Emily needs.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Since reading the story where Emily and Clay met, I've been wanting closure. You finally get it in Hope for Christmas. I wasn't disappointed. The issue here is that I can't give spoilers.

Catch up with all of the characters in the A Nugget Romance series. I loved seeing where they are now and seeing them prepare for Christmas. Nugget is a charming fictional town that I'd love to be part of.

RTR's Bottom Line

If you haven't ready Finding Hope, I really recommend starting there. That builds up Emily and Clay's story.

I loved the story, but one thing niggled at me. That's where the spoiler issue comes in. Part of the resolution, while appreciated, seemed to be rushed and lacking what I know is a key step. That it felt rushed made me feel a little cheated.

With that in mind, I still really enjoyed the conclusion to the mystery surrounding Hope's disappearance and would recommend this if you've read Emily and Clay's introduction.


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