Give Me Back My Book by Travis Foster and Ethan Long

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Chronicle Kids
Release Date: September 5, 2017

Two creatures battle over a book in Give Me Back My Book. Redd is sitting near a stump enjoying the green book he's reading. Bloo shows up and demands that Redd give him back his book. The two begin arguing over whose book it is. When Book Worm shows up, what will happen next?

Travis Foster and Ethan Long have created a humorous look at both reading and the problem with arguments. I snickered a few times and found myself truly engaged. I can see children loving this book and wanting a copy for their shelves. It's easy to read, fun to look at, and has a great message.

Give Me Back My Book is a must for your family library, especially if you have kids who squabble over the same toy. Find out how Book Worm changes Redd and Bloo's focus and gets them to look twice at their actions.


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