Christmas at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer

Setting: Charleston, South Carolina
Genre: Holiday Romance
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Release Date: October 3, 2017

As one of the owners of Two Love Lane, Macy Frost is uncertain the matchmaking service's latest prospect is worth their time. They find people's true loves. They arrange quick flings, and that's exactly what Deacon Banks is after. He wants to make his aunt happy by seeing a number of women before Christmas arrives. He has no interest in finding the love of his life.

Macy ends up taking on the project if only to prove to him that he just hasn't found the right woman yet. She's out there, and Macy knows it. What Macy never plans on is that she's the perfect match. He's her client, and that means she cannot possibly have what every algorithm finds or what her heart truly wants.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I know it's all part of the romance conflict, but I've never understood why people opt to ignore what's right in front of their face. That's exactly what Macy does. Even though she knows he's the one, she continues to make excuses. It was somewhat maddening at times. Life's too short to ignore what's right in front of you.

With that, the conflict in Christmas at Two Love Lane also kept me hooked. I couldn't get enough of Deacon. What a charmer. I also loved the feel-good story that was so uplifting. It's a big part of why I look forward to holiday romance season.

After a tough year, some feel-good fiction is exactly what I need. Kieran Kramer certainly delivered. With that in mind, I really hope that poor George gets his own special someone. I loved his character and wanted to see him find the right person, too.

RTR's Bottom Line

If you want emotional and lighthearted, Christmas at Two Love Lane delivers on many levels. I snickered, smiled, and was left with that warm cozy feeling that a solid romance offers. I'm kind of sad it's over, but so happy I took the time to read it.


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