The Man I Thought You Were by Leah Mercer

Setting: England
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date - August 30, 2017

Released for the Kindle last month, readers looking for the paperback version of The Man I Thought You Were only have a couple weeks to go.

Anna and her husband, Mark, have everything. They're madly in love, both have steady jobs, and they're ready to start their family. Mark's excellent with their young niece, and Anna knows he'll be an awesome dad. He comes home from work, tells her he's leaving, and vanishes. He doesn't take his car, any of his clothes, or cell phone.

Anna is stunned. She's certain he'll return home in a day or two. When he doesn't, she comes across a couple secrets he was hiding. Those secrets have the power to shatter her world.

Mark wants to shelter Anna from his past and future. Doing so may hurt her, but he's convinced it will hurt her less than if he stayed. He just doesn't imagine where his journey will really lead him. Meanwhile, Anna's determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means getting hurt.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The opening page of The Man I Thought You Were pulled me in. It doesn't start slow. Mark comes in, says he's leaving her, and that's that. It's so immediate that you can't help but feel Anna's shock. From there, I was as desperate as Anna to figure out what spurred Mark's decision.

I had a hard time liking Mark. Even knowing all I did, I remained angry at him. I can't imagine making his choices, especially when you learn part of why he does. His judgment to me seemed skewed, especially after a decade with Anna. I didn't like how easily he walked away. Despite this, I adored Anna and kept reading to see how things would turn out for her.

RTR's Bottom Line

This isn't as much a romance as it is a look into the devastation some decisions have on people's lives. It's a book that will bring tears to the eyes. If you're looking for a touching, very emotional story, you'll find what you desire in The Man I Thought You Were.


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