Big Skye Littleton by Elisa Lorello

Setting: Rhode Island and Montana
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union
Release Date: August 22, 2017

Skye Littleton's in love. She never imagined, after so many years of waiting for Mr. Right, that she'd find him online. After Vance arranges to meet her on the East Coast, Skye knows he's the one. She sells her car, quits her job, packs everything, and takes his offer to move to Montana.

She's not even in Montana when she gets her first hint that all may not be perfect. The guy sitting next to her, Harvey Wright, lives in Billings and knows Vance. He apologizes and tells her that Vance is nothing but a shady character. Skye doesn't want to believe it's true until she arrives at the airport and gets stood up.

With no friends in town, no housing, and very little money to her name, Skye needs to decide. Does she decide to give Littleton a chance or return home to a family who told her she was being ridiculous? With Harvey's help, Skye may be able to reinvent herself and finally be comfortable with who she is. But, to do so means she'd have to trust another man she barely knows.

Big Skye Littleton is more a mix of coming of age and romance. Skye may be a 30-something heroine, but she's one who has struggled to figure out what she wants from life. To that extent, the story was very much a coming-of-age theme. I enjoyed seeing her grow comfortable with herself.

I just came back from Narraganset and Block Island, so Skye's hometown was very familiar and enjoyable. I've been to Montana but was to young to remember it. The descriptions in this book made me want to go. I can't imagine a more freeing experience than dropping everything to find oneself in a new town.

It's an enjoyable story and held my interest from start to finish. If you're looking for a breezy romance with great settings, you can't go wrong. Pick up Big Skye Littleton on August 22nd.


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