The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

Setting: England
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: Gallery Books
Release Date: July 25, 2017

They met at a boarding school. The four young girls formed a fast friendship that's never faded. Now that they're adults living their own lives, Thea, Fatima, and Isa all make the trip back to Salten when their friend Kate sends the message "I need you."

A dog's found a human bone in a tidal estuary. That bone threatens to reveal everything the four woman have hidden for so very long. It's the one thing that could destroy the lives they've established.

Everything stems from a game they used to play, a game known as The Lying Game. The rules were easy: tell everyone whatever lie you conjure up but never lie to each other. It's been years since these women have returned to Salten, and now they're back and it's time to face what really happened back then.

Expect a lot of twists in this book. There's a creepy factor as clues are revealed and threatening messages are revealed. The reader knows something happened and that it goes back to their days at school, but it's not quite clear how it all ties together. There's a body, but you don't know whose. There's the lies they told and the effect some of those lies had on the townspeople. As you keep reading, it's clear that this is going to be a hard mystery to solve.

It's a habit I have. I must solve the mystery before the author reveals the truth. In this case, I was kept guessing. I'd think I had it solved, but I'd find I was wrong again. I loved that. Being surprised by an ending is a treat.

Ruth Ware's The Lying Game may not have had characters I loved. I found the girls to be irritating. I did like them much better as grown women. When it comes to the setting and the mystery, this story was fantastic.


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