Nothing Rhymes With Orange by Adam Rex

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Chronicle Kids
Release Date: August 1, 2017

Poor Mr. Orange. All around him, he sees rhymes. He's upset that nothing rhymes with orange. Banana has cabana. Grapes have capes. A fig is big, and a kiwi is a peewee. While all these cute fruit have rhymes, Mr. Orange is the odd man out. Is there a rhyme out there for Mr. Orange? Any word at all?

Nothing Rhymes With Orange is brilliant on many levels. First, it explores rhymes in a whimsical fashion. Second, it teaches children many of the different types of fruit. Illustrations are a mix of real photos and drawings, so even that draws your attention.

Everything about Nothing Rhymes With Orange delighted me. It's filled with humor. The interjections from Mr. Orange made him a very sympathizable character. Eventually, things take a turn and you realize that everyone has issues, and there are always solutions to the things that bother you. It's a great, creative way to get that message across to kids. Look for it on August 1st.


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