Welcome to My House by Gaia Stella

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Chronicle for Kids
Release Date: June 6, 2017

Teach your children a large selection of important words relating to things you see within a house. In Welcome to My House, children meet Olga. She lives on the second floor of a pale green apartment complex. When you follow her inside, you'll tour the different categories of items and rooms in her house while learning about the different objects. There are things you rest on, things in the kitchen, and items used for hobbies. You'll come across items that get lost in the house and those that are used for cleaning.

In Olga's house, she has a wardrobe. She has a ladle in the kitchen. Head outside and there's an inflatable pool. Each item is shown in a picture with the word below. It's a great resource for teaching a child to identify what a word looks like and how it's spelled.

When you reach the end of the story, you soon learn that Olga may not be who you think she is. I loved that little twist and think many children will too.


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