The Light in Summer by Mary McNear

Setting: Butternut Lake
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: June 20, 2017

After years building a company in Seattle, Cal Cooper is back in Butternut Lake. His sister is overjoyed. Cal moves into the family cabin and settles in to deal with the aftermath of his divorce. He never expects to fall for another woman so quickly.

Billy Harper is doing all she can to keep her family apart. Her son is falling in with a bad crowd now that his grandfather is dead, and the single mom is having a rough time getting through to him. What Luke wants is to know his father. Billy has no idea how to make that happen. Luke's father vanished before she could tell him she was pregnant. It was her parents that have helped her for so many years.

After meeting Cal, Billy realizes that she may be falling head over heels. It's not the right time to start a relationship, but can she really turn her back on what could be the second best thing to come into her life?

The Light in Summer is a light, cozy romance. I found myself falling for the town and many of the townspeople. I'd love to be one of the area residents spending time in the local restaurant or public library. I could visualize heading out to the tranquility of the lake. The atmosphere drew me in.

What I think I really loved most is that while there is a bit of conflict, it was real. So many romances seem to create unnecessary conflicts to keep a couple apart. Everything here seemed realistic and helped only to solidify the couple's feelings rather than push them apart for silly reasons. I loved that poignant honesty and am eager to read more by Mary McNear for that reason.


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