Race Against Time by Sharon Sala

Setting: Las Vegas
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: June 27, 2017

Sharon Sala's Race Against Time does have suspenseful moments, but I think the focus is far more on relationships and the will to survive. I have read many of Sala's books over the years, and this one, while good, didn't grab me as much as her other novels.

Quinn O'Meara's had a rough upbringing in foster care. The only saving grace was a boy named Nick. As an adult, Quinn keeps to herself. She never expects to come across a toddler at the scene of a fiery wreck, nor does she expect to have someone shooting at her as she grabs the baby and races off into the night.

At the police station, Nick Saldano is shocked when a woman comes in with a young child tucked safely into her jacket. Even more surprisingly, that woman is "Queenie," the one person he truly cared about during his years in foster care.

Quinn's unknowingly put herself in the middle of a human trafficking case. The toddler's father wants his child back and will go to any extremes to get that child and take out any witnesses in the process. It's up to Nick to keep Quinn safe.

There's another story within Race Against Time. As a teen, Star is kidnapped and sold to the very ruthless Anton Baba, leader of a major human trafficking ring. Star keeps herself alive by having Anton's child. A good portion of the story also focuses on Star's life and mission to get her son back and stay safe doing so.

The pacing in Sala's romantic suspense novel is handled well. Shifts between Star and Quinn help break up some tension, but not so much that you lose interest. While I did question many of the moves one character in particular makes, I still enjoyed spending time engrossed in the story.


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