Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave

Setting: Long Island and NYC
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: July 11, 2017

Sunshine Mackenzie is riding at the crest of a wave. She's a successful cookbook author, vlogger, and about to get her very own culinary show. That wave of success comes crashing down in horrid fashion when someone hacks into her account and exposes her for what she really is - a woman from Long Island who can barely cook.

That's just the start of the revelations. Soon, the secrets that come out have Sunshine's husband, friends, and associates turning their backs on her. She flees to her hometown in Long Island to lick her wounds and come up with a way to climb out of the ashes.

Is it okay to admit that even though Sunshine's faults were of her own doing that I wanted to climb into the book and smack her hacker around? I was so mad for her, which was odd considering it was her lies that got her into the mess. Hello, Sunshine was so engaging and gripping that I simply couldn't turn my eyes away from the pages.

The thing I really liked is that this book did not fall for the typical heroine-goes-home-licks-her-wounds-and-everything-is-peachy plot. Sunshine is forced to learn from her mistakes, take her lumps, and learn, along with the reader, what happens next. I loved that that book was far from predictable.

Both lighthearted and painstakingly emotional, Hello, Sunshine proves to be one of my favorite stories this year. Sunshine is quirky, definitely in the wrong, and yet wronged herself. It's hard not to find her character to be truly likable. I'm ready to dive into other books by this author, as this one really hit all of my marks.


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