Find Me by J.S. Monroe

Setting: England
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: March 21, 2017

Five years have passed since Jar's girlfriend killed herself. The problem is her body was never found, and he's convinced he just saw her in a train station. Jar soon is being followed. When Rosa's aunt finds an encrypted file on her hard drive that she thinks may be Rosa's diary, she gives it to Jar. Police also want that hard drive, so Jar really must be careful as he tries to unravel the truth. Is Rosa really alive or is it simply his subconscious refusing to let her go?

Find Me leads the reader on some decent twists. I bounced between thinking Jar was losing his grip on reality to wondering if Rosa really could be alive and then back again. The more the story advances, the harder it is to decide what's real and what could be all a hallucination. I hate to use the word, but the book was a bit of a trip. When the truth is revealed, I started thinking back to things I'd missed or chose to ignore. I truly love that J.S. Monroe kept me guessing.

The writing does have a tendency to lag a bit. This is mainly due to the different perspectives. You have Jar, Rosa's diary entries, and then segments from the past and from other characters like Rosa's aunt and uncle. Despite that, I kept up and kept reading until I'd learned the truth.


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