Black Tie Optional (Wild Wedding Series) by Ann Marie Walker

Setting: Chicago
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Swerve
Release Date: May 30, 2017

Part of the Wild Wedding Series, Black Tie Optional is a steamy romance involving a playboy millionaire and a woman desperate to get him to help fund her charity. The pair doesn't get along at all.

Olivia Ramsey needs money to help save the bats. She'd do anything to secure a donation from Coleman Grant III. One night in Vegas leads to a very impromptu one night stand that turns into an unusual proposal. Cole needs to marry someone if he's going to keep control of the family business. If Olivia agrees to marry him and remain his wife for three months, he'll happily give her the money she needs.

Marrying your enemy is hard. Falling for the enemy is harder.

I admit that I didn't like Cole's character at first. He was a womanizer with no redeeming qualities. It was funny that by the end of the book I adored him. He turned into a character I didn't want to leave behind when the story ended. I also liked Olivia and loved one restaurant scene where she tells a certain character off. That section of the story had me laughing.

Black Tie Optional ended up being one of the better romances I've recently read. It had me laughing, sighing, and definitely ended up improving my mood.


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