Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rejected Writers Take the Stage by Suzanne Kelman

Setting: Southlea Bay, Washington
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: June 6, 2017

I did it to myself again. Rejected Writers Take the Stage is the second book in a series by Suzanne Kelman. I need to pay closer attention so that's on me. With some books, however, you really don't need to have read the previous books in a series to follow along. In this case, I think you should.

Janet's working at the library when she spies the bossy leader of the Rejected Writers Club approaching. Opting to hide, Janet fails miserably and ends up getting roped into another club project that she really doesn't want to be part of.

Club member Annie owes $20,000 to the bank is about to lose her home and dog kennel. Annie's despondent over the thought, but the Rejected Writers Club decide to help out. They'll put on a musical and raise the necessary funds. Janet's dragged into the fundraiser and must learn really quickly how to direct a musical. This is only the first part of the problem. They also need a stage, actors, and a musical that will draw interest.

Janet has no time for this as her daughter is expecting twins and due soon. Janet also has her own job and life to lead. The problem is that even when Janet tries to say no, she fails. It's up to Janet and the club members to tap into talents they don't even have if they're going to save Annie's house.

I clearly missed a lot of backstory with this group. That's why I suggest reading the books in order. I wish I had. I just never really meshed with the characters as I was spending too much time figuring out their place within Southlea Bay and the community. Plus, I found a lot of the talk about certain characters to come off as rather juvenile and high school-like. If you find a person that obnoxious, simply don't associate with them.

Given that, I really struggled with Rejected Writers Take the Stage. I liked the premise, but it just never clicked for me. There was just too much whining, conflicts that were too predictable, and then an ending that for me seemed to rushed.

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