Curious Constructions by Michael Hearst and Matt Johnstone (Illustrator)

Genre: Children's Nonfiction
Publisher: Chronicle Kids
Release Date: April 25, 2017

In Curious Constructions, children get to explore different structures from around the world. These are not your typical buildings and structures, they're all very unique for different reasons. There are 50 in all, and each includes details into the structure and illustrations to show what it looks like.

Within Curious Constructions are things like:

  • Biosphere 2 in Arizona
  • The Cathedral Termite Mounds in Australia
  • The Gateway Arch in Missouri
  • The International Space Station
  • Jantar Mantar in India
  • The Longaberger Building in Ohio
  • Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea
  • Stonehenge in England

There are many more to learn about, too! The terminology is a little more complex than in many picture books, so it's going to appeal to advancing readers and others who have help with some of the harder words.

This is an excellent book for any child interested in architecture or buildings and structures from around the world.


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