Take Me Back by Rosalind James

Setting: Paradise, Idaho
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2017

Hallie Cavanaugh never planned to step foot back into Paradise, Idaho.  When her father suddenly dies, she is required to attend his funeral or else.  That was the way of her father - his way or no way.  She learned that all too well when she was younger.  Her mother divorced her father way back when, leaving her alone to face the full brunt of his ruthlessness.  Still, she went to see what it was all about, planning on returning to Washington as soon as it was over.

However, Henry Cavanaugh was even ruthless from his grave.  In order for her get her inheritance, she had to stay in Paradise, in his house, for six months straight.  That might be all fine and good except the will also stated she couldn't have sex with Jim Lawson for the said six months, among other things.  Well, she had no plans on doing that (again).  She remembered all too well what happened last time.

Jim Lawson, widower, father and deputy sheriff of Paradise, also had no plans on having sex with Hallie again.  He had only showed up for the will hearing because his half-brother Cole was required to attend.  Seeing Hallie again, even after all these years, brings back memories he'd rather forget.  He has a daughter now and can't afford to get tangled up with Hallie.  Except you can't always choose what your heart wants, even fighting hard against it knowing no good will come of it.  Yet when it becomes clear that Hallie's life is in danger, Jim will do everything in his power to make sure she's safe.

A mix of intrigue, romance, and family drama, TAKE ME BACK has a bit of everything that keeps the pages turning.  Jim and Hallie's previous relationship plays a big part of who they are today.  Hallie's father wasn't a nice man, and there is a bit of intrigue as to how he died, who wanted him dead and then comes after Hallie.  (This is not a spoiler because it happens in the first chapter of the book.)  The story follows Jim and Hallie's rediscovery of each other as well as other secondary characters who support the storyline.   Each one is complex, with unique personalities and reasons for being in the story.  The sexual tension is quite palpable and the drama unfolds nicely to escalate into a climactic ending.  Overall, well written and full of little twists and plenty of action.   

Jennifer Jones
4 1/2 


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