Sugar by Kimberly Stuart

Setting: New York and Seattle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Release Date: February 7, 2017

As the talented pastry chef at New York's L'Ombre, Charlie Garrett is tired of being underappreciated. When her former beau offers her a position in Seattle in his new restaurant, she jumps at the chance to move across country. There, she has creative freedom to come up with a new dessert menu. What he doesn't tell her is that she's also about to be dragged into a reality cooking show that will change her life.

When Charlie meets Kai, a local diner owner, she falls hard. However, balancing her new job and celebrity status with a new romance is tougher than she could ever imagine. She may have no choice but to really decide if a personal life is more important than her dream career.

Sugar hooked me from the start. I don't always agree with Charlie's decisions, but I loved seeing how she'd come out. I was definitely rooting for her and Kai and kept reading to see what would happen next.

There's very little I didn't like about Kimberly Stuart's contemporary romance. The only thing I might think of changing was the addition of a few recipes. So many of the desserts Charlie whips up had my mouth watering and had me wanting to go into the kitchen and get baking.


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