Always by Sarah Jio

Setting: Seattle, Washington
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Release Date: February 7, 2017

Kailey seems to have it all. Her fiance, a man who comes from a rather prominent family, is taking her out for another romantic dinner. She never expects their night out to take a shocking turn. While waiting for Ryan to get the car, she spies a homeless man sitting on a nearby bench. Looking into his eyes, she realizes she's found her long-missing boyfriend, Cade McAllister.

Kailey was madly in love with Cade. They were soul mates, and she never could figure out why Cade vanished. He was the partner in a very successful record label, had plenty of money, many friends, and seemed to be sitting on top of the world. Yet, one day, he just vanished without a trace, leaving Kailey shocked and heartbroken.

As a reporter, she's already working on a case involving Seattle's homeless, so she dives in to uncover what happened to Cade. Along the way, she must make the choice between the men who love her.

Always switches back and forth between present day and a decade earlier as Kailey and Cade form their very passionate relationship. The switches are seamless, so push aside fears of the switches being jarring and taking you from the current emotions.

While the relationships take center stage, there's also plenty of focus on the plight of the homeless, and the fact that addiction is not the only reason so many end up on the streets. I like that the book focused on that aspect.

In the end, I knew Kailey had to make a choice, and I found it hard to decide who she'd end up picking. The ending is just as emotional as the progression through the stages of her research and involvement in Cade's life as a homeless man. This is an emotional story that I am very glad I read.


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