The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson

Setting: Mill Valley, California
Genre: Teen Fiction
Publisher: Random House
Release Date: January 10, 2017

I had a rough time with The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. While it sounded a touch Gossip Girl at first, I soon found myself struggling to like any of the characters. It made it challenging to read. As the mom of two, I know what goes on in today's high schools. But in this case, I really just couldn't feel sympathy for anyone in the book.

When an incident in middle school turns tragic, the lives of a handful of kids change. Abigail enters into a sexual relationship with a high school teacher. Emma's partying ways put her love of dancing on the line. Dave is determined to please his parents with their dreams of him attending Berkeley, but it's rough when he's not much more than an average student. Calista ditches life in the popular crowd and falls in with the hippie crowd. Damon ends up in rehab and wants to prove he's better than that while struggling with his addictions. New teacher Molly wants to connect with her students, but not knowing their past proves to make it very difficult.

My heart broke when the tragedy in middle school happens. It instantly made me hate the teens in the story and that made for a rough time finishing the book. I didn't feel sorry for any of them. Karma's a bitch and all. I felt the most for the boy in the beginning of the story. His thoughts and actions broke my heart. It's a big reason why I kept reading. I wanted these other kids to feel his pain and take responsibility, but they really never did do anything that made me satisfied with the outcome.


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