The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse

Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2016

Almost two decades of having the perfect marriage and two wonderful daughters has Freya Braithwaite feeling incredibly content. Her world isn't as perfect as it seems, however. Soon enough, her youngest daughter, Lexi, proves to be spiraling out of control, hostage to the frightening world of eating disorders.

I remember having a guest speaker in high school who discussed her daughter's struggles with anorexia. Memories of that discussion came back as I read The Food of Love. Freya's pain and uncertainty came through clearly as the chapters progressed. yet, I also wondered why she remained so lenient as the story progressed. I started to find myself annoyed with her and cheering on her husband. I also felt her husband's fear and anger, and the older daughter's frustration. Amanda Prowse did a wonderful job capturing everyone's point of view as they watched Lexi spiral out of control.

The Food of Love was a quick read and one that kept me hooked. I wanted to know if Lexi would overcome her demons before it was too late. As maddening as sections are, I can see this leading to some great book club discussions. I expect other readers will find themselves just as entranced with the Braithwaite family's powerful situation and filled with their own opinions on how they would have handled things.


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