Stalked by Elizabeth Heiter

Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: December 27, 2016

Cheerleader Haley Cook vanished while walking into her high school. No one has seen or heard from her since. That is until her mother finds a journal entry hidden away. This brings the investigation to the attention of Evelyn Baine, an FBI profiler. The more Evelyn digs, the more she discovers that everyone around Haley is a potential suspect. From the things Haley hid from her mother, father, and stepfather to the things people have left out during interviews, it becomes difficult to decide if Haley was simply getting away from everyone in her life or if she is truly in danger.

Stalked is another entry into Elizabeth Heiter's The Profiler series. I've loved the books in the past, but I did find this one took me a little longer to get into. Once I did, the action held my attention until the final page.

Evelyn's tough and determined. I like that. She pairs up with a local detective in Stalked, so there are more characters to get to know and enjoy. The investigative work takes place on multiple levels with the profiling, the interviews, and then the rush to investigate new clues and suspects as they appear throughout the book. It kept me feeling involved in the story.

Usually, I try to solve mysteries before the fictional detectives, but I struggled with this one. There are so many potential bad guys. I did have part of the outcome figured out, but in general, this story kept me guessing until the very end.


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