The Second First Time by Elise Lorello

Setting: U.S.
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: November 15, 2016

Sage Merriweather and Jonathan Moss, both novelists, never expected to fall head over heels for one another, especially not when they'd barely even met. They may share a publisher and a chance meeting, but their attempt at a relationship seemed to be doomed.

A year later, Sage learns her long-absent father's dead. His new wife opted not to even tell his daughters until days later and her invitation to his memorial is an email rather than anything remotely personal. Reeling from this news, Sage breaks down and contacts Jonathan for the first time in a year. She never expects him to suggest they take the trip they always talked about, and she's equally shocked to find herself agreeing, albeit with a few specific terms added in.

Soon, Sage is on the road heading from Arizona to Washington with Jonathan. It's a trip that has Sage questioning if she's truly made the right decisions during her lifetime, especially where love is concerned.

The Second First Time is a bit unique in that the main characters are older and definitely have their flaws. Both Jonathan and Sage are middle aged and I'll even say slightly immature for the age they are. I get their past disappointments weighed heavily, but given that they were supposed to be around my age, they made choices I couldn't dream of myself or any of my friends making at this age.

I think my lack of interest in the characters ended up shaping my disappointment in the book. I wanted more at some parts. There were other times I wanted them to stop repeating and rehashing things and just get on with it and wake up. In the end, I liked the book, but I never loved it.


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