Married at Midnight by Gerri Russell

Setting: Washington
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2016

What happens in Vegas isn't destined to stay in Vegas this time. Ellie Hawthorne knows more than one tequila shot was too much. Waking up with a killer hangover, she quickly finds out that a hangover doesn't come close to comparing to the man in her bed or news that she's married to him. Not only is she married, but the man in her bed is her high school boyfriend and the man who broke her heart many years ago.

Connor Grayson is equally shocked to find he's married to Ellie. He hurt her before and never planned to do so again. When he learns his grandmother's had a massive heart attack back in Washington, he knows Ellie is also the key to getting his grandmother to fight for her life. Viola's always wanted to see Connor settled into a happy marriage, and Ellie is just the woman to convince her that he's finally ready for a wife and family.

Neither Ellie nor Connor has an inkling of what Viola has in store. This sneaky woman is certain the pair are meant to be together, and she and her Vegas pals will do everything it takes to make sure the couple realizes they're right for each other.

Married at Midnight takes a few humorous characters and pairs them against a headstrong couple who are certain that once the emergency situation is over, they can go on their merry way. It's a battle of the cupids in this book and one that was never too deep. It was a charming, fun read that left me in an uplifted mood. It's not a long book, which makes it ideal for post-shopping expeditions and between cooking tasks and household chores.

The romance from Gerri Russell is enjoyable, the characters are memorable, and the story flowed swiftly from beginning to end. I definitely enjoyed this lighthearted romantic tale.


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