In the Blue Hour by Elizabeth Hall

Setting: New Mexico
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: November 1, 2016

After a horrifying dream in which she sees her car slide on ice and go over a cliff, Elise Brooks is disheartened when her husband dies in that exact manner. Since Michael's death, Elise struggles to continue living. After seeing a raven hanging around their mountain home, she becomes convinced Michael is trying to get a message to her from the other side.

In addition to the Native American lessons she's been taught, Elise turns to a local psychic for guidance. There, she becomes part of a group who all have suffered a loss. It's through this group that she meets Tom Dugan, a mystery man who ends up becoming very important when she finds a business card in her husband's jacket. Not knowing why he had this mystery address, she asks Tom to drive her across the country to see what this mysterious address will reveal.

In the Blue Hour was okay, but I think that ended up being my issue. It was simply okay. I never grew attached to the characters, which the possible exception of Elise's friend Monica. Monica was a spitfire and a character I wouldn't mind seeing again. I never found myself totally enamored with Tom and Elise was okay but nothing more than that.

Another issue I had was that the story dragged at times. I struggled with the first part, and by the time I got to the road trip, it picked up, but I was already a little let down and had to push myself to give the novel another chance. It clearly does have its moments, but for me, it simply wasn't a favorite.


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