Home for Winter by Rebecca Boxall

Setting: England
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: October 18, 2016

Twins Luna and Serena may be identical, but their personalities are nothing alike. Serena grows up knowing that her sister has a very dark side. It's Luna's dark side that ends up driving the sisters apart. Serena doesn't believe she'll ever be able to forgive her sister for the betrayal. That's not the first betrayal Luna pulls, however, and it's this second act that leads to Serena moving far away.

After moving to East Sussex with her significant other, Serena hopes for a fresh start. In the vicarage, Will gets to work within the community while Serena prepares to update the house's interior design. Eventually, they end up with a motley crew who are all seeking a new start after troublesome pasts. Serena hopes she finally can get out from under her sister's shadow, but Luna's not done yet.

In Home for Winter, I have to say I was really kind of bothered by the parents. If I had a child like Luna, I would have had her in therapy long, long ago. I had a hard time respecting them for that reason. I felt for Serena. This woman deserved better cards than she was dealt when it came to family. My dislike of Luna and their parents made the story tough to read at times.

The story also has a touch of a mystery involving an alleged curse on the vicarage. The outcome to this is kind of a letdown, but the story is really more about Serena, so I was able to overlook my issues with that. In the end, this is an enjoyable story that I read in one sitting with ease.


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