Finding Heather by Alison Ragsdale

Setting: Isle of Skye
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: October 11, 2016

Following her husband's unexpected death, Heather Forester is faced with the struggle of raising twins by herself. She's an ocean away from her family, which makes it even harder. After a difficult decision, Heather calls her mom and says she's moving back home to Scotland.

Heather's mom is delighted to have her grandchildren close, but she also worries that she'll become attached only to have Heather realize the U.S. is where the kids belong. Heather's brother simply is thrilled to have his sister coming back home.

As Heather struggles to find herself again, the family begins building a strong bond. When the chips are down, is family enough to get through tough situations?

Finding Heather is a touching fictional story regarding regaining your footing through the stages of grief. The setting is vivid and made me want to visit. Virtually all of the characters in this book are Heather's mother, brother, seven-year-old twins, and her brother's best friend. There's very little interaction with anyone else, so you get to know characters on a more intimate scale than some books.

My only complaint is that the book ended. I wasn't ready to leave Skye and the relationships that were just starting to take root and grow. I wouldn't mind seeing Alison Ragsdale return readers to Skye to catch up with Heather, her family, and maybe more members of the community.


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