Pop Goes the Weasel by M.J. Arlidge

Genre: A Detective Helen Grace Thriller
Publisher: NAL
Release Date: October 2015

My apologies for the gap between reviews. After trying to find a solid replacement for the client who decided to quit the world of SEO and web analytics, I ended up taking a job outside the home. It's been a new experience trying to balance my remaining writing clients, book reviewing, and adjusting to a commute and training.

In Pop Goes the Weasel, Helen Grace is back. This time, she's up against a sadistic killer who literally tears her victim's hearts out and then leaves them for the victim's loved ones to find. It all starts with a happily married family man who's found in an area where prostitutes are known to work. No one can figure out why he was there or why he was killed.

For Helen Grace, it's clear the killer is angry. Until she can figure out why, she'll struggle to find the killer before another victim is found.

Once again, M.J. Arlidge draws you in and holds you captive in a twisted murder case. It's said in the description that the killings are reverse Jack the Ripper, and I'd say that's a fair take on these killings. They are pretty brutal and graphic at times.

Charlie's back after her loss and she and Helen are definitely having issues. This adds a dynamic layer to the personal relationships. I've always been a fan of Charlie's, but I also enjoy Helen, and I was eager to see how it played out.

I do really enjoy the Helen Grace series. It has the gritty detail and brash attitudes that I enjoy in the crime series The Fall that stars Gillian Anderson. If you enjoy that show, you're going to love M.J. Arlidge's series.


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