Family Sins by Sharon Sala

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: October 25, 2016

While out in the woods, Stanton Youngblood is shot in the back and left to die. Before he passes, he's able to scratch his killer's identity in the dirt. His widow, Leigh, knows exactly who killed her husband. She's not about to let her family get away with it. When she went against her father's wishes to marry Stanton, he vowed Stanton would die. Leigh's shocked it took decades for it to happen.

With her grown sons by her side, Leigh vows there will be justice for her husband's death. The hard part is finding out who killed him when the Wayne family is very good about hiding behind their money and each other.

Family Sins was part mystery and part romance. Leigh's oldest son is back in town. He left years ago after the love of his life refused his marriage proposal. Now that he's back, the learns the truth behind her refusal. He's determined to see things through this time and won't leave without her.

I never felt the mystery part was that surprising. I had it pegged early into the story and think many other readers will too. That said, the pacing and suspenseful tone never let up. This was a fast-paced read that set the mood. I hated many characters, but I never stopped seeking the same justice Leigh deserved.


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