Two Charming Children's Books Released Today

Two children's picture books come out today. The first is a charming wintry story and the other is a board book that offers a new spin on a classic tale.

First Snow caught my eye thanks to the illustrations. Bomi Park's debut shares a tale of a young child who wakes up after hearing snow crystals hitting the window. The child heads off into the night to explore the wintry wonderland. The recommended age group for this one is two to five years.

Cozy Classics' The Nutcracker is a board book for one to three year olds. Each left-side page has one word describing the scene. Both pages have vivid photographs that tell the story of The Nutcracker, a popular holiday movie and tale.

Both of these books have great appeal with the eye-catching art found within. The board book is ideal for teaching a child to read, while First Snow is a little more challenging only because it has more words. They're often simple words, however, that are ideal for a child who is in the early stages of learning to read. Sentences like "Boots. Coat. Scarf. Hat." or "Through the woods." are not going to be too hard for a beginning reader.


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